ITIL® 4 Specialist : Drive Stakeholder Value

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Our 3-day “ITIL® 4 Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV)” is one of the four courses towards the ITIL4 Managing Professional (MP) designation.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to gain a firm grasp of the various types of interactions between a service provider and their customers, users, suppliers and partners.

The core concept behind Drive Stakeholder Value is to provide an understanding of how to convert demand into value through IT-enabled services. The course covers key topics like service level-agreement design, multi-supplier management, relationship management, customer and user experience design, customer journey mapping, and more. Individuals can expect to walk away with the tools required to drive user engagement and boost internal and external stakeholder satisfaction.

Objectifs pédagogiques

  • Become familiar with the concept of the customer journey and discover ways to design and improve customer journeys
  • Learn how to describe customer needs considering the internal and external factors affecting these needs
  • Understand how the supplier management practice can be applied to enable and contribute to supplier and partner relationships management
  • Discover methods for designing digital service experiences based on value driven, data driven and user-centric service design
  • Learn to align expectations and determine a shared view of the target service scope and quality between the service provider and the service consumer
  • Understand key transition, onboarding and offboarding activities
  • Know how to foster a service mindset: attitude, behaviour and culture
  • Have knowledge of the methods to track and measure service value: outcome, risk, cost and resources

Public cible

  • Architectes
  • Chefs-de-projets
  • Consultants
  • Consultants-informatiques
  • Directeurs-de-projets
  • Ingénieurs
  • Professionnels-de-l’IT


Have the ITIL 4 Foundation certificate.

Programme de la formation

The course is divided into various modules to explain the key concepts in a structured manner.

Module 1 – The customer journey – Introduction

  • Mapping, designing, measuring and improving the Customer Journey

Module 2 – The customer journey – Step 1: Explore

  • Understanding service consumers, service providers and targeting markets

Module 3 – The customer journey – Step 2: Engage

  • Service relationship types
  • Building service relationships
  • Analyzing customer needs
  • Managing suppliers and partners

Module 4 – The customer journey – Step 3: Offer

  • Managing demand and opportunities
  • Designing service offerings and user experience
  • Selling and obtaining service offerings

Module 5 – The customer journey – Step 4: Agree

  • Aligning expectations and agreeing services
  • Agreeing and planning value co-creation
  • Negotiating and agreeing a service

Module 6 – The customer journey – Step 5: Onboard

  • ITIL management practices
  • Planning onboarding
  • Providing user engagement and delivery channels
  • Enabling users for service
  • Offboarding

Module 7 – The customer journey – Step 6: Co-Create

  • Service mindset
  • Ongoing service interactions
  • Nurturing user communities

Module 8 – The customer journey – Step 7: Realize

  • Measuring and tracking service value
  • Value capturing and customer journey improvement
  • Assessing and reporting value realization
  • Evaluating value realization and improving customer journeys

With the help of ITIL® 4 concepts and terminology, activities, exercises, examples and the case study included in the course, you will acquire relevant knowledge to pass the ITIL® 4 Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value certification exam.

Please note that participants need to foresee at least 1.5 hours study time every evening.

About the certification

  • Multiple-choice format (1 mark per question)
  • Pass grade: 70%
  • 40 questions
  • Closed book
  • Duration: 90 minutes + 25% extra time for non-native English speakers

The exam is scheduled at the end of the 3rd training day in the classroom, or the participants can take the online exam later online and proctor-based. Candidates need to foresee ± 1.5 hour study time every evening to prepare the questions.


Cette formation est accessible aux personnes en situation de handicap, nous contacter en cas de besoin d’informations complémentaires.

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