ISTQB Model Based Testing

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    Méthodes, Tests, normes

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    Testing logiciel

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    2 jours

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Description Description

Optimize analysis, design and implementation of tests with a model-based approach for testing based on business requirements.
Professionalize and enhance test activities and make the transition from requirements to test cases and their implementation more efficient.

Objectifs pédagogiques Objectifs pédagogiques

  • Be more effective on testing activities using templates for test analysis, design and implementation.
  • Know and know how to implement the activities of the MBT in a test process
  • Be able to evaluate and deploy a Model-Based Testing approach in a team or test center
  • Master the concepts, vocabulary, activities and roles of Model-Based Testing

Public cible Public cible

  • Testeurs

Pré-requis Pré-requis

Basic understanding or exposure to requirements concepts.

Programme de la formation Programme de la formation

Objectives and motivations of Model-Based Testing

  • Why introduce the MBT in a test process?
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid ?

MBT Activities and products

  • Main modeling activities, test generation and adaptation
  • Elements used as input and products of a test process with MBT

Integration of MBT into the development process

  • Integration of MBT in agile and phased processes
  • Link between requirements engineering and Model-Based Testing
  • Situation: You have integrated the MBT into your testing process, what will change

Modeling MBT (modeling activities, languages, best practices)

  • Understand and practice MBT modeling (business and state machine workflows)
  • Know the families of modeling languages used for the MBT
  • Know the best practices of MBT modeling

Implementing and running tests with ModelBased Testing

  • Transition from test generation to manual or automated execution
  • Know the good practices of test adaptation

Evaluation and deployment of an MBT approach

  • Be able to measure the progress of a project using Model-Based Testing
  • Know the various categories of tools used for the MBT